Short Take Off ... Quick Climb .... Fast Cruise Speed

Mooney 300 Missile

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The 300 hp, normally aspirated, Continental IO-550-A engine provides out of this world performance for the Rocket Engineering 300 Missile conversion.

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Mooney 300 Missile FAQ

Q. Why are the 300 Missile and 305 Rocket conversions no longer offered?

A. Economics - The cost of the larger engine, engine mount, new cowling, paint match, labor and paperwork exceeds what most owners have been willing to invest in their airframes. If you own an existing conversion, however, rest assured that Rocket Engineering stands behind all of them and will continue to provide warranty, service and parts support.

Q. Are there any other places that still offer the conversion?

A. No, the STC is Rocket Engineering property and we have never authorized outside shops.